Give The Gift of Empowerment, Save Lives And Help Children This Holiday Season.

What if we told you that you could buy your loved one’s gifts that empower women, save the planet and help children in developing countries receive an education?

Well, you’re in luck!

The holidays are a great time to slow down and consider the people behind the gifts you give and are given — we encourage you to shop with a purpose!

Ever wonder why so many of your favorite clothing or chocolate brands are so affordable? When we shop at large retail stores or purchase fast-fashion clothing, many of the items we pick up have been made by someone who is not receiving fair wages for their hard work, which is why retailers can sell them to us for such a low price. More often than not, the products that we buy in today’s market are made in sweat shops with materials that were harvested using forced and exploitive labor, and sometimes even child labor.

Next time you’re out shopping, ask yourself , “who is making these products, and how are stores able to sell them at such a low price?” The answer is hard to hear, but the truth is the person who made your favorite tee shirt or jeans, is most likely from an impoverished or developing country, was being exploited for their labor and was stripped of their dignity and life so that we can have a $3 shirt, or $1 chocolate bar.

Thankfully, many companies and stores are working to change the face of consumerism by becoming fair trade certified. Fair trade certification ensures that producers (laborers) are paid fair and living wages, that work conditions are safe, prohibits child labor and strives to employ and empower those in the margins. Plus, each purchase includes a premium cost that will be returned to the producers and allow them to better their communities. With this premium, communities have been able to build schools and sports fields for children, invest in computer labs, create medical offices, and so much more!

Below you’ll find some amazing companies and stores that have committed to fair trade sourcing, ensuring the dignity and empowerment of producers. And remember, before you are shocked by some of the prices of fair trade items, we want to remind you that these prices reflect a living wage of the producer that makes them, or what we like to call, “a hand up, not a hand out.”

Equal Exchange Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate

Divine Chocolate

Dr. Bronner’s

Soaps, Cleaning Supplies, moisturizers, pure-castile soaps

prAna Clothing:

Men’s and Women’s clothing (casual, athletic, dresses, swimwear, etc.)



Outdoor wear, sweaters, swimwear, underwear, etc.)



Everyday basics that never go out of style


 body and beauty products


Fair Trade Home Decor, Jewelry, Baskets, Gifts, Clothing, Food.


Games, unique gifts, fashion (men and women), home accessories

Good Paper:

Fair Trade Cards from the Philippines

Obey Clothing:

 Men’s and Women’s shirts and sweaters

When you give fair trade gifts this holiday season and beyond, you are not only showing that you care about your loved ones, but you are also giving back to the producers,  showing them that you value and care for their livelihood too! When going out to buy your holiday goods, whether it’s clothing, home goods, jewelry or chocolate, make sure to be on the lookout for the fair trade certification.


Have a Happy Fair Trade Holiday this year,

Live2Free exists to challenge a generation to make personal choices that recognize the dignity of the individual, the responsibility of consumers to slow the demand that drives modern-day slavery, and to network with others to rescue, rebuild, and restore broken lives of victims worldwide.