Prevention is the First Solution

Guest Blog by Rachel Thomas and Emily Hollerbach “Look! Look! Look!” Have you ever been around a toddler who just drew a nice picture, or a kid who just learned to ride a bike?  Kids are usually pretty honest about saying (or shouting!) what they want.  But unlike more candy and bigger toys, kids’ longing… Read More »

The Long Haul: Fighting Human Trafficking and Slavery 365 Days a Year

By Jaclynn Willert, Director/Founder Team Freedom “Pro Athletes Ending Slavery”, International Justice Mission Fresh off the energy and focus of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month in January, the work to protect people from human trafficking and slavery must continue. For International Justice Mission (IJM), it’s a 365-day-a-year-effort. We partner with local authorities in… Read More »

A Day in the Life of a Survivor

Guest Blog by Monique Calderon, Survivor, Advocate for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children These streets are unforgiving. If you’re lucky, they’ll eat you up and spit you out. If not, you are memorialized where you took your last breath. I’ll say it again: These streets are unforgiving. Motherless and fatherless children existing in poverty, systematic racism… Read More »